[QUESTION] Support for official Raspberry Pi 4 CPU fan?

Hi everyone.

Despite having googled for it, I’m still not sure whether or not DietPi supports the official Raspberry Pi 4 CPU fan or not? As far as I understand it, Raspberry OS/Raspbian ship with CPU fan controller software built straight into the CLI GUI. However, it seems like that feature has been left out in dietpi-config?

Unless there is official support for controlling the fan, I’d very much appreciate any help that’ll let me explore my options. For the record, this GitHub thread discusses how to let DietPi control the fan. In one of the posts, this command is suggested:

echo 'dtoverlay=gpio-fan,gpiopin=14,temp=60000' >> /boot/config.txt

Does it make sense to “manually” add an entry to /boot/config.txt using the echo command or a text editor, or are there any fancier ways of doing it that is preferred?

yes DietPi did not offer any GUI to control fans in general. Because if we implement a feature like that, we would need to do it for more platforms. And not just RPi. There are more solutions out there how to run a fan on a SBC :sunglasses:

Especially for RPI devices it’s quite easy as you just need to run the echo command once, to initially add support.

echo 'dtoverlay=gpio-fan,gpiopin=14,temp=60000' >> /boot/config.txt

After a reboot, this should be working ootb. At least I was testing it on all available RPi modesl. Later on you could simply use a text editor to manage temp value on your need.

Personally I don’t like the official fan as mine is quite noisy one.