[Question] Automatic update


I would like to know if it’s possible to auto update the DietPi software and everything else.
My old Raspberry Pi is going to be at my moms place and going to serve as VPN, DNS (with Pi-hole) and DHCP server. I don’t have always access to it and I want it to work 24/7 with the latest updates.


Hi Pilovali,

Currently, it is not possible to run dietpi-update without user input. Whilst I completely understand your reasons for this feature, its not something we will be implementing.

There are a few reasons why automatic updating is not featured in DietPi:
- After updating, a reboot is required.
This is mainly for modifications to DietPi boot scripts. A reboot ensures the system runs correctly with the new code. Obviously, a reboot will cause downtime for that system, as such, it must be done at the users request.

- Chance of update causing a new issue.
Whilst i vigorously tests all the updates. It is impossible for one person to test every area of DietPi for each update. Even though the chance is slim, new bugs could occur that may effect your system.

This is probably not the answer your after, but hopefully it covers why I have not implemented automatic updating.