Question about "Others" Install

Technically could an older version of Dietpi be considered an “Other”?

For example if I run the script that transforms Others into Dietpi’s would my old version become a new version?

I don’t know, I thought it was a fair question.

Guess only one way to find out.


I am not sure if I understand you right. Old DietPi systems (thus on a device, that is generally supported by DietPi), can be generally updated by DietPi preparation script. There of course you need to choose the hardware device that you run on, “others” is more a try and error option for not officially supported hardware devices.

Maybe I didn’t understand v6.0+ requirements of having to reflash a SD card vs updating within Dietpi.

I was referring to this situation, rather than simply using the script to update.

I’ve been known to be a difficult communicator, so my bad for having difficulty with this…

Hi Edward,

no worries, now I understood.

Yes you can use the preparation script to bring your system to currently DietPi v6.4:

But note, that this will purge most software packages and data, so no guarantee that any of your manual adjustments/settings will survive. The scripts intention is to turn no-DietPi images into DietPi, not for upgrading :wink:.

To save your manual settings/data, please do a full system backup (e.g. dietpi-backup) and safe it together with /mnt/dietpi_userdata/ on an external drive. From there you can recover data and settings, lost during preparation script process. Please also read:

Best regards