Question about Kodi version - 14.2 vs 15.2

I’ve installed today a DietPi image with Kodi and realised it’s 14.2
In another image I have, OpenElec 6, it’s 15.2 (the current stable version).

Is it 14.2 for some reason? Maybe it’s faster, I don’t know and I’d like to know :slight_smile:

I’m using a RPI 1B.

Thank you!

Currently, Jessie installs Kodi from the Raspbian repo. Wheezy uses the package provided by Michael Gorven. Both of these are 14.2 the last time I checked.
The only reason 15.2 is not installed is because compiling Linux software is not my strong point. Its one of my demons that I would love to change at some point :slight_smile:

I have provided Fourdee a 15.2 built over DietPi. Im sure he will give it a chance to see if its stable enought to update the actual 14.2 version in DietPi.

Thank you very much,

I think this would be great.

I don’t know if this is related to the Kodi version but something strange happens to me with the 14.2 release. I have a pendrive that works correctly on my OpenElec6/Kodi 15,2 image, but when I try to get it working on DietPi/Kodi 14.2 it doesn’t get mounted.

If you installed DietPi with a dedicated drive, you can find the drive under:

  • Kodi = Files > Root > mnt > usb_1
  • terminal path = /mnt/usb_1

If you didnt install DietPi with a dedicated drive, you will need to mount the pendrive before using it:


Say NO to formatting. The drive must have a ext4 or NTFS filesystem to be mounted by DietPi.

Thank you very much for your answer.

I really didn’t know in DietPi it’s needed to have the drive NTFS or EXT4 formatted, and that there’s a dietpi-external_drive_setup command.

Now I understand what happened, because my USB drive is FAT formatted.