Question about dietpi-software restarting all services after any install

Why it restart all services after installing any software using this tool ? is there a reason for it ?

Usually we stop all services before installing any software. Therefore services needs to be started again.

Any reason for that ? I ask because Iā€™m doing a fresh install and I have a FTP server for receiving camera recordings and this behaviour is breaking the syn everytime I install a new software.

on smaller SBC this is going to reduce system load while performing a software install or update.

But there is a way to avoid this, just exclude the service from being DietPi controlled, and it will stay online.


@Joulinar are you guys open to a patch for adding a configuration for this behaviour ?

For anyone looking for this, you can do it already with dietpi-services include/exclude option

sorry have not seen your response earlier. Yes, this is already possible by using dietpi-services :slight_smile:

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