Quartz64 Hdmi Flashes on breifly every 2 seconds

Hdmi display Flashes on for 1/4 second then off at a 2 cycle rate. Any hints? Let me rephrase that. Any Ideas or solutions.

Maybe related to this:

To which section in this document do you refer? It is large and diverse.

I directly linked to it.

No GPU Acceleration with Debian “Bullseye” Userland

Debian Bullseye ships a Mesa version that is too old to contain the required patches for the RK356x SoC’s GPU. You can (at your own risk) use the current Debian Testing version , called “Bookworm”.

Thanks BTW
Did that… switched to bookworm apt update , apt upgrade reboot No joy other operating systems do not exhibit this behavior , just dietpi

So you’re saying it works with other OS which’ based on debian bullseye? If this is the case, then the old Mesa version was not the problem but something else.

You can try to change the display settings with dietpi-config and see if this brings remedy.

no Im saying that it doesn’t flash using other than Debian. Like manjaro

Tried settings . dietpi-config. No Joy most settings resolution and brightness are unavailable in dietpi-config,

Oh okay, then it’s probably mesa and the GPU is not supported in debian bullseye.

I’m not running bullseye I’m running bookworm remember? BTW my Quartz64 is a Model B

Ok I think I missunderstood you since you’re using some interesting translation.
I thought with “no joy” you meant you don’t like it, but I guess you meant “no luck”, so it’s not working.

So mesa should not be the trouble maker, but since I don’t use a display I have no further idea.

This appears to be a characteristic of my samsung tv . I managed to test it on another tv and it does not exhibit this behavior.
other my other sbcs work fine on the samsung. Manjaro works fine on it too, Running on the Quartz64b as well. could it be an hdmi setting? it starts flashing as soon as hdmi signal starts

any Thoughts?

installed latest dietpi 10/22/2022 .
When system boots to monitor viewsonic 2026w with dvi adapter video is ok.
When system boots with samsung tv UN40H6203AF display flashes as described above.
when booted to monitor the hdmi plug is moved to TV the screen doesn’t flash.

Quartz64 has no sound.

Probably a problem with the HDMI signal strength. Do you have another/shorter HDMI cable at hand to test with?

Sadly the kernel build we use isn’t developer since some months (if this is the issue). The Debian kernel from Bullseye backports (and Bookworm) has device trees for all Quartz64 models in the meantime, I’ll try to generate an image with it. Since the U-Boot we use uses extlinux, it should be easy to replace the kernel, adding an /etc/kernel/postinst.d script which updates extlinux entries on kernel upgrade. I’ll try to generate this when I find time.

Have 3 cables all work on both monitors and with rpi4’s, rock64 and rockpro64 just not with quartz64, It looks as if the HDMI handshake signal coming from the Samsung TV is causing the problem. Does dietpi for quartz64 use a config.txt or equivalent like the pi os?

It uses /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf.