qBittorrent config back to default after restart


I am running diet pi as virtual machine with Vbox, and running qBittorrent and wireguard client on it.
I want to set the qBittorent connection only using my VPN.

I know that I can bind the interface in the config by editing file /home/qbittorrent/.config/qBittorrent/qBittorrent.conf in diet-pi,
and add under preference

I turn off the qbit and then make change and then turn it on, it seems working, but as soon as I am restart the VM, the conf file, back to default.

I cannot change the preference from the web menu, since there is no advance menu, the only I can change it, from qBittorrent.conf, to make sure it will bind to the interface.

So, my questions is, how I can change the setting, without it back to default, when I am restarting the vm?
is there default qbittorrent config in diet-pi?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions and reply

Many thanks for your report.

Do other file changes survive the restart of the VM?

And does restarting the service reset the config file as well? systemctl restart qbittorrent

Hi, thank you for your reply, the problems is solved just now, I am so happy. I make a report with hope, if someone has the same problems, maybe my solutions will work for them too.

The solutions are kinda weird but here how I am do it.

  1. Turn off the qbit with dietpi-services
  2. I change the owner the files to root from qbittorrent, with command chown root qBittorrent.conf
  3. Edit the files and then save
  4. turn on qbit with dietpi-services
  5. check the conf, it didn’t change to default
  6. restart the VM
  7. it still didn’t change.
  8. make adjustment via qbit web, since I am only change the owner but not the group, so I think it should works. Turn out, it works and it can save the new configuration.
  9. I checked the conf file, the adjustment via web is saved and the connection interface didn’t change, it still there.
  10. I checked the owner with command ls -l, the owner back to qbittorrent with group dietpi.

I don’t know what happen, maybe it is a glitch or I was made a newbie mistake, since I am still learning, but I am so happy that it works, even though the solutions is kinda weird for me.

Ah the file was owned by root? Yes then the service + web UI had no write access to it. Was this a fresh install?

no, he changed it to root

  1. I change the owner the files to root from qbittorrent, with command chown root qBittorrent.conf

Ah “to root from qbittorrent” instead of “from root to qbittorrent”, okay.
Hmm, no idea how the owner can have an effect on the content being stored to disk or not :thinking:.