Qbittorrent and nas stalled downloads rpi3

Hi all,

i used the latest dietpi v6.25 pi image, and installed Qbittorrent from the software list.

It all installed successfully, then i did setup my nas drive with dietpi drive manager. It did connect and says the drive is online.
So i went to /mnt/sharenaam and tested if i could see my storage and created and removed some files to see if i had the right permissions. All good.

Then i logged in on qbittorrent webinterface, after logged in i set my downloads folder to /mnt/sharenaam
Now when i upload a torrent file to download it immediatly stalls the download, i went to my sharefolder and did see it created the folder correctly.

Problem is it only downloads for 1 a 2 seconds then drops the connection to 0 and the torrent gets stalled, i’m sure i have the right ports open and when i start downloading via qbittorrent client on pc it does work immediatly with no problems at all.

So why is it not working through the pi3, im out of options and hope someone can help me or have an idea of what maybe could go wrong.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english its not my native language.

It has something to do with my cifs mount, the drive on dietpi gets mounted correctly. But when i change to internal sd card it downloads fine, but when i select my /mnt/drivename the download gets stalled. But i can see and write to the /mnt so thats kinda strange

Check what qt runs as (user/group) and check your mount to ensure rw access to it. You might find that its mounted under a different user/group. If any further issues, post the folder permissions for /mnt/ and the qt service user/group/umask details.