[Q] New to Dietpi. How to install NordVPN the right way?

Hello, asking for help because I have a habbit of messing things up while experimenting.
I have experience with pi’s (and Linux) but this is the first time I use Dietpi.

At the moment I have a Pi4 running DietPi and the following:

  • Adguard Home
  • Unbound
  • Home Assistant (for the above and some home automation)
  • Tailgate (to access H.A. when away)

I also have NordVPN and would like to implement it too.

My goal is:

  • Outgoing traffic uses VPN (NordLynx for speed)
  • Traffic being filtered (ads)
  • Being able to access the Pi (H.A.) when away.

Thanks for helping me in the right direction.

quite a complex setup as you need to create own iptable rules to allow 2 VPN

Let’s ask trendy for support :sunglasses:

I would like to run the vpn & adblock on the Pi because of speed. My router (usg) has a hard time running a vpn.

I do have extra pi3’s laying around, if that would simplify a way into the other pi.

Edit: or can this be done with some portforwarding in my router?

The Pi is not the best to run VPNs, if you can find a Rockpi it has AES accelerator.
You basically need to advertise the dietpi as gateway and dns in your network. USG must stop advertising itself apparently. That will cover goals 1 and 2.
For the 3rd you’ll need a policy routing rule to use USG as gateway for the traffic from HA.