Python 3.6

Is it possible to make Python 3.6 the default python3 version in DiatPi?

I love the simplicity and stability of DietPi and use it as the backbone for my Home Assistant. Home Assistant has decided to deprecate Python 3.4 support as outline here:


Take a look here, i’ve tested it, so far i got no problems :mrgreen:

Thanks I saw your post. I get that you can install stuff on your own, but then what is the point of using a custom distribution? You might as well just use Arabian and customize it yourself. For me the biggest benefit of using DietPi is the fact that it is meintained and I can trust it’s stability and don’t need to worry about comparability, etc.


I like your walkthrough.

You have a individuel problem, your search and found a solution and share it with us.

Nice work. Thank you very much.

Hmm … think it’s not the best idea.

Yes, this hit the point, to not do it!

Python 3.4 => Debian Jessie (oldstable)

Python 3.5=> Debian Stretch (stable)

Python 3.6 => Debian Buster (testing)

I think I understand your point. Are you saying that the request would make more sense for Python 3.5, since that is currently stable? I am fine with that as well.

So is it possible to make Python 3.5 the default version in DietPi?

Witch device do you own?

Never tested python version or software who needed python, but DietPi Strech is on testing since Aug. 2016 for some devices:

Stretch (Beta) | testers wanted

Can’t guarantee everything is working, but you can give it a shot.
Best practice is to use a new or other sd card to test and store the old working sd card installion aside.

I own an RPi3. Ok sounds good I will throw it on a new SD card and see how it goes.

Have only a RPi B for testing DietPi Strech at the moment.
But pyhton version looks okay for me.

 DietPi     | 17:45 | Mon 27/11/17
 V159       | RPi B (armv6l)

root@RPi-B:~# cat /etc/debian_version

root@RPi-B:~# uname -a
Linux RPi-B 4.9.62+ #1 Fri Nov 17 22:37:52 GMT 2017 armv6l GNU/Linux

root@RPi-B:~# python3 --version
Python 3.5.3

But problems with RPi3 onboard WiFi support can be a show-stopper, depending on your personal use case.