It is a fork of sickrage which has new features and more developers actively working on it. This is much lighter on the raspberry pi compared to sonarr. I hope @Fourdee would implement this.

Any updates

I asked about this a while back but hasn’t been implemented as yet. However it is easy to manually install using their wiki guide and worth doing, a big improvement over SIckRage.


Could you also please look into this:
This is for movies since Pymedusa is for TV Shows and they are both lighter than Sonarr and Radarr on the Raspberry Pi.

Thank You.

It appears you can “side load” it rather than using the Dietpi-software option…but remember…when you start fiddling like that…it can make things much harder
You more or less git clone into it…then configure and run it

docker create \
  --name=medusa \
-v <path to config>:/config \
-v <path to downloads>:/downloads \
-v <path to tv-shows>:/tv \
-e PGID=<gid> -e PUID=<uid>  \
-e TZ=<timezone> \
-p 8081:8081 \

That’s how I got a few of my apps working…didn’t use the dietpi-software and ran it myself
But I kinda know how to tinker/fiddle with Linux better than the average bear…but still NOWHERE as good as some!

I’m a bit lost, i’ve tried following both guides for sickchill and medusa, none of them were pointing at a RPi, the closest I found was debian but then it referred to ubuntu and to sickrage therefore I stopped right there.

I am totallty NOT familiar with “docker” and what we are supposed to do in order to install it manually till it will available on dietpi-software.

Any help would be appreciated


Usually guides for Debian and Ubuntu will work for Raspbian as well. It’s the same APT package and systemd init system on all of them. Just take care in case to take the correct binaries for RPi: ARMv7 / armhf

But yeah, reading/remembering this topic here again, I vote for adding it with DietPi v6.19. v6.18 should be released soon, beta is up, thus feature stop.