Pydio install fails on RPi 3

setup wizard dont work properly on my RPi 3

At the end following message appears

You are missing some required fields, or the password and confirmation differ. Please make sure to go through the form.

But I filled in all the required fields

Also i dont change the Host field “localhost”

what can be wrong ?


i have deinstalled owncloud which i have installed in parallel with Pydio for testing

Then i have deinstalled pydio and install it again

Now it works

Maybe its not so good to install these two services in parallel

This can occur if the password is “too short” when creating the admin account.

In theory, Pydio and Owncloud should work fine together. We had a known issue with MySQL that may of been causing the issue you are describing. This is fixed in v128, so please run dietpi-update before installing further software.