Pydio 8 (PHP) desktop client for Linux?

Is there still a functional Linux desktop client available for Pydio 8 (PHP)? I’m getting familiar with Pydio on my dietpi and wanted to try the desktop client. Pydio 8 appears to be EOL and I don’t readily see a Linux download option on their site.


I guess a question to be ask to Pydio guys.

GitHub has source code for pydio-sync, but it was last updated about 5 years ago.

Just thought I would ask on the forum before spending any time with it.

Does Pydio Cells solve the problem? Would be great if someone finds time to implement the migration.

I recently found a guide to installing Pydio Cells on a Raspberry Pi, dated 6 March 2023.

I quickly ran through some of the installation steps, focusing mainly on installing the binaries, and was at least able to bring up the Pydio Cells initial set-up menu via a browser. It’s not clear to me if a separate pydio user is needed during install or if you can use the default dietpi user.

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theoretically it should be possible to use the regular dietpi user. But from our point of view it is recommended to use individual users per app.

Here the related GitHub issue about migration to Pydio Cells: DietPi-Software | Pydio Cells · Issue #3469 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub