Is it possible to use a proxy with transmission?

And how would one do that.

Thanks for any help.


To use a proxy in BitTorrent (Transmission), you will need to manually add those details to the config file.

The available commands for Proxy settings are listed here

1. Stop Transmission Daemon

service transmission-daemon stop

2. Edit the transmission settings file
Add your proxy details and settings. Once completed, press CTRL+O then enter to save. Then press CTRL+X to exit.

nano /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json

3. Restart Transmission Daemon

service transmission-daemon start

If you get stuck or break the transmission config file, use the below command to reset your changes.

service transmission-daemon stop
cp /boot/dietpi/conf/transmission_settings_p1 /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json
service transmission-daemon start

1.4x (and older)

Does that mean it won’t work?

Thanks for your time!

PS. Do you think this could work?

Yep, seems they removed it from 1.4x upwards.

DietPi sets Transmission encryption level to “forced”.
This basically means that all connections made by Transmission will be encrypted. There is no guarantee your ISP cant track encrypted, the same goes for VPN.

"encryption": 2,

PS. Do you think this could work? > … -megalith/

DietPi will do all this for you when you install BitTorrent (- VPN)

  • DietPi uses FTP instead of Samba for Performance.

To access your Files on the USB drive with FTP:

The only thing you would need to setup is VPN if you still require it.