Proxy to share ipv4 only device via ipv6 over internet

I have an HDHomerun at my home in Texas, and I want to connect to it from my home in Germany so that I can watch local television while abroad.

The problem is that my HDHomerun does not support IPV6, and my ISP “only” supports IPV6. That prevents me from connecting to it directly. Thankfully, I have a dietpi rig connected to the same network as my HDHomerun. The HDHomerun has hardware encoding built in, so bandwidth isn’t really an issue. The issue is simply accessibility.

Does anyone know of a way that I can use my dietpi rig in Texas to function as an ipv6 accessible proxy for my HDHomerun?

You can setup a tunnel, i.e wireguard, over IPv6 as your ISP supports. Within the tunnel you can allow IPv4 addresses to access the internal lan of your home.