program logger is missing

Hello Community,

i have a problem with a bash-script on my dietpi. In the script ist used the program /bin/logger but there came a message, that the program is not available. I choose the DietPi-RAMlog #1 in dietpi-software. Is the program logger a part of rsyslog and when i install rsyslog, will be the logging into ram still available??


did you tried running which logger? Because for me this is returning /usr/bin/logger

According Debian package list, the program logger is available from apt package bsdutils

Indeed bsdutils is pre-installed as essential package on all Debian-based distros, otherwise core system features would not work, and the logger command is and always was located at /usr/bin/logger.

Note that the primary syslog daemon since Debian Jessie is systemd-journald, making all logs available via journalctl. When you install rsyslog, systemd-journald forwards/duplicates the logs to rsyslog and hence the /var/log/syslog|daemon.log|kernel.log etc plain text log files. But this is not required when you’re fine with using journalctl, which is natively a RAM-based logging. journalctl -t can be used to show only logs that match the tag that you set via logger -t … option.