Proftpd login issue

I have added a system user and he can login to proftpd
He reaches his home directory with no problems
I have added another user and he cant login
What can it be ?
Are there any restrictions ?


Not that i’am aware of. It should handle multiple users.

Could be anything from permissions, missing home directory to settings in proftpd config file.

In /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf have you tried jailing users to their home directory using DefaultRoot ~?

Also check user folders exist and correct permissions:
ls -lha /home

The other user has a home directory of course

both user were created with adduser command

ls -lha /home shows that he has exactly the same right as the working user

DefaultRoot ~ is configured

the working user can login to his home directory

But now I find out what the problem was

the password includes german “umlauts” like ÖÄßÜ

It seems that Proftpd dont like this

changing the password has solved the problem

has someone the same experience before ?



It’s not a good idea to use “Umlaute” or “Sonderzeichen”, not only for passwords or user credentials.