proftpd failed to start


I have been using dietpi on rpi0w and its running smoothly.

Recently i have problem with proftpd server. proftpd server is not starting. I thought I broke some files while trying different softwares.

Reinstalled dietpi and updated to latest version.

But still proftpd is failing.

Tried installing alsa but struck with error.

Thanks in advance.

Can you have a look pls! Can it be some file system corruption?

Yes, “Structure needs cleaning” means a file system error/corruption.

Please first to a fsck on reboot:

> /forcefsck

Check the results, either with cat /run/initramfs/fsck.log or journalctl -t systemd-fsck.

Then try to re-install alsa-utils:

apt purge alsa-utils
apt install alsa-utils

And check that there are no new file system errors: dmesg -l emerg,alert,crit,err