Problems with WiFi on RPi

I downloaded the latest version of DietPi and installed without issue. My WiFi was working fine at first, but after the initial automatic updating, my WiFi adaptor is no longer found by the OS.
The same problem exists with the Raspbian Buster release, so I’m assuming that there’s an ‘upgrade’ that’s killing the support for the MT7601U.
I looked at the console output on a monitor via HDMI & can see that the MediaTek device has been recognised, so it’s a bit of a mystery why it’s not present when running DietPi-Config

Older versions of DietPi also seem to work fine with this adapter, I have another Pi that’s used for MPD audio and it’s working fine.

Seems that my alternative Ralink adapter is also not working, this was working fine on Raspian Buster & also the older version of DietPi on my other Pi so it’s not a hardware issue.

Running DietPi-Config flashes up the message ‘nl80211 not found’
Trying to configure WiFi using DietPi-Config show the message ‘No supported WiFi hardware was found’

Both adapters can be seen on the console boot messages.

Further Update:
For some reason I cannot get WiFi to run with the latest version of DietPi so I’m having to retry Buster Lite. The main problem seems to be after the initial upgrade is run, after that dietpi-config says there’s no supported WiFi hardware and there’s a message ‘nl80211 not found’ whenever a wifi config change is attempted.