Problems with Cloud Servers (Tonido, Nextcloud)

Need some help…

Cant start none of these servers: Nextcloud and Tonido

Nextcloud wont even open the page when I try connecting to

Tonido opens the user creation page but i get the message “Failed to Create ID. Check if you are connect to the internet”,
in the log says its trying to connect to (i think this is the problem)

I’ll try Owncloud now, but I’d really like to instal Tonido…

Sorry for my bad english :smiley:

Any error messages in /var/log ?

Nextcloud is under heavy rework and I accidently introduced a bug with v158.
It is fixed with version v159 and also ownCloud installation is fixed and enhanced there. So wait until v159 release or try testing branch (adjust dietpi.txt).
Feedback is highly appreciated in case :slight_smile:.