problems compiling Pilight

Guys, help is appreciated!

Goal is to run Homeassistant, in combination with pilight.
Homeassistant is installed successful and running.

Pilight is compiled from source, but compiles with an error.
I followed this instruction: with this modification:

Pilight runs anyway, can configure config.json, and can select Odroidc2 as board and pilight starts as a service.

Now, when I select 433GPIO as hardware, Pilight does not start and I get an error.

back to the error when compiling±
The message I get is: “cant find libluajit”

now, I checked, liblua5.2 and liblua5.2-dev are correctly installed, but apperantly libluajit is not, and I cant install it via apt-get

any suggestions?
I have the same configuration running on a RPi 1B+ so I can look things up…

Problem was fixed.

Turned out WiringX needed to be compiled from source:

after this pilight could be installed through apt-get see pilight installation instruction

compiling piligth from source was no success, resulting in lubluajit not being found

solution is not tested yet, since nothing is hooked up to GPIO at the moment.

It turns out it was not fixed, but after extensive communication with Curlymo I am happy to report that Pilight is supported by default on the aarch64 repository. I recommend that it is also added to the installer of the aarch64 image.