Problems after restored backup - XU4

My eMMC failed so I restored from a DietPi backup to an SD card but got a failed message and couldn’t boot.

I restored another self-scripted rsync backup I had on a USB drive. After editing boot.ini and fstab all seems to be working - well almost all.

I now cannot install anything from dietpi-software - I get the test internet connection message. I am connected OK and can install from apt-get.
Is it due to the DNS being wrong as in the picture? Or something else?


Hi John,

Restore would revert the fix we applied for:

Updating DietPi would patch this, or run:

sed -i "[[:space:]] @g" /etc/apt/sources.list

All our images (v145.img) have been updated with this fix also:

Thanks Fourdee this sorted it.

Also I booted from a new 145 image and restored a 144 FS. Changing the version number to 144 forced the upgrade.

This business of /boot/boot.ini residing on the ramdisk foxed me a bit over the weekend until I worked it out and edited on a different device.

If I need to do this in future where is the best place to edit it (other than on a different device)?

And one more question if I may - the FS is now on an SSD - what are the best fstab options for such a drive?