Problem with Jellyfin playback on web client

I installed Jellyfin using dietpi-software but I can’t get it to work. When I play a movie I get only an infinite loading wheel. Reproducing same movie in an external player with stream URL works regularly. My SBC is ASUS Tinker Board (armv7l) and HW accelleration is disabled in Jellyfin.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

DietPi version: 6.33.3


many thanks for your message. I found an issue fitting your error messages you shared on your log files

But they have it on Odroid XU4 running Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS. Maybe it would be needed to check with Jellyfin?

Could you check on your system if you have present?

ls -la /opt/vc/lib |grep

Thanks for your reply,
I’ll report this to Jellyfin too. Unlike that issue I get the error also with videos that doesn’t require transcoding.
Anyway the library seems not to be present. The command returns

ls: cannot access '/opt/vc/lib': No such file or directory

well I checked it on Raspberry Pi as I don’t have a ASUS Tinker Board. Will have a look on a VM later. Probably some packages missing??

EDIT: ok the file is missing on my VM as well. Probably the file is something special on RPi. Anyway I played around with some mp4 files on my VM and all are working fine on web client. Unfortunately I don’t have anything to trans-code :thinking:

Joulinar you should be able to force a transcoding by choosing a lower definition while playing (gear icon->Quality). However is strange that transcode for me is triggered also for files that, basing on logs, should be eligible for DirectPlay

[INF] Profile: "Unknown Profile", Path: "/mnt/4fb3620b-432a-42ad-9416-d863962eea40/Video/Film/7 Days in Havana (2012).mkv", isEligibleForDirectPlay: True, isEligibleForDirectStream: True

thx for the hint with lowering the quality to force trans-coding. But for me this all is working fine. I could play the mp4 file with the lowest quality available

/opt/vc/lib is the Raspberry Pi only location for it’s Video Core libraries/drivers, so this is not present on any other SBC :wink:.

I think we’ll have more success on the Jellyfin forum:

Okay makes sense if the implemented FFmpeg assumes the RPi library being available on all armhf devices. That is bad of course. I hope they solve it soon, else we can implement a workaround with next DietPi release to install standalone FFmpeg instead of the jellyfin-ffmpeg package. Should be possible to make Jellyfin using the external ffmpeg binary via config file edit.