problem with actual odroid c2 image

yesterday I had another problem.
i have installed a new odroid c2
re-downloaded the image
it was not possible to change ssh server from dropbear to openssh
also it was not possible to change the web server from lightppd to apache
is the current image also buggy like the update to 6.20.5 ?

What do you mean by “not possible”? What happens, if you select OpenSSH in dietpi-software choice menu and select Install?

Note that when choosing a different webserver via related choice menu, this will not directly install it. Instead if you choose one there, then go select Software Optimized an select + install a software title that requires a webserver, it will respect the choice you mean in the front. Another method is to directly select Software Optimized and besides the desired software title, select the desired webserver stack as well, e.g. LAMP to have Apache, MariaDB and PHP installed as webserver stack.

whatever i choose in the software list …

after install it is not marked as installed

for instance:

I choose LAMP Server
start installation
it seems to install
after restart nothing appears in the software list

The same is when i try to change SSH and Webserver preferences
I choose openssh and apache2
start installation
it seems to install
after restart dropbear and lightppd is visible again in the software list

i never had such problems with dietpi before

Password change via setup menu fails too
new password is not accepted after reboot

in other words
dietpi is actually unusable

I know what you mean.

I have the same issue with my Odroid XU4: After flashing the DietPi Image onto the eMMC-Module the Odroid will boot from the boot-Partition, where I can decide which settings and dietpi-software should be installed. But always when I finished this setup (where there stands “This will complete the installation.”) it reboots but from the boot-Partition again! So I always end up in the setup like an infinite loop. I tried 4 different flashing software and also a micro-SD-card instead of the eMMC-Module, but this changes nothing on this problem. As a result, my changes also won’t affect anything, probably because the actual OS is on the other partition (I can see how this partition gets more written as I do the installation again and again).

Maybe you have a similar problem.

exactly the same

i switch to armbian —temporary— meanwhile cause I need a working server

Its a lot of work to install everything manually but at the end …its stable

Hope there is a solution for all these dietpi problems available next time

Hey guys, just to be sure, this happened even after we released v6.20.6: ?

If yes, please try the following instructions which assure that every install state is saved to disk:

This should be actually already assured with v6.20.6, however if you can verify the above, obviously it is not in all cases…