Problem updating from v.150 to v.152

After apparently a succesfull update process from v.150 to v.152 in my RPI 2 reboot command is not recognized.

In fact no command works, so I have to unplug the device.

But after booting, no version change. It indicates v.150 and there is a message for the update. If I run dietpi-update one more time I get same result: no reboot command available and no update.

Its a loop. :frowning:

As we cant replicate this our end, most likely a filesystem corruption due to unstable hardware.

Can you please verify sufficient:

  • SD card (eg: Sandisk ultra)
  • PSU (eg: Official RPi PSU 5v/2A)

I would recommend starting from a fresh DietPi image.

Im using a compatible SD card. I have had no problems for ages with it. Its fast as needed and reliable.

Im using Official RPi PSU 5v/2A.

Starting a new installation … :neutral_face: :neutral_face: