problem after update to 6.33


I decided few minutes ago to update to 6.33 and install bazarr. Unfortunately, something is broken as my boot is stuck all the time at
[ OK ] DietPi-Services | start : cron
My kodi is not starting. I’m able to log in via ssh

What logs can I provide to track a problem ?

Sorry, after a very long time (a few minutes) system started normally.

probably one of your services took time to start. Did you have seen which service was following cron?


I am facing some similar issue.

I installed a fresh DietPi installation on a RasPi 4B. After installing some tool (webmin, samba) it get’s stuck during starting the services.

[OK] Service: webmin
[OK] Service: cron

And then it stops. Can some lead me to the right direction how I can debug this behavior? Can I see somewhere the service start order so I can find out which one fails?
I am on version v6.33.3

Hello again,

some update from my side.

What I described as “get stuck” was in reality a missing comand promt.

I was expecting to get something like ‘root@dietpi:~#’ that tells mit the promt is ready to receive commands. Bu instead I got just an blinking underscore. But it takes commands and executes it. So after the first command the promt is restored.

Hope that helps others facing the same issue and wasting many hours of reinstalling and finding out the problem.


do you have the “hanging” command prompt always on reboot?

You have console autologin enabled, right?

I think the reason is that dietpi-login does not wait for dietpi-postboot to finish anymore.
dietpi-login is loaded on every interactive bash shell and is responsible for the banner, some checks + environment (e.g. dietpi command aliases) and after finished, the command prompt appears, or a chosen autostart option (Kodi, desktop and such).
dietpi-postboot is responsible for starting the services and /var/lib/dietpi/postboot.d scripts and the smaller banner that is shown before interactive login (user + password input) which says “Press to login”.
Until DietPi v6.33 dietpi-login was waiting for dietpi-postboot to finish, so you might have seen a repeating “Waiting for DietPi-Postboot to finish… (Press CTRL+C to abort)”. Since the shell session does not really depend on system service starts or any such, we removed that. It is not an issue when logging on via SSH, since dietpi-postboot prints to the local /dev/tty1 only and also in case of manual local console login it is not an issue due to the mentioned “Press to login”, but in case of autologin that can indeed happen when dietpi-postboot still produces output after the command prompt appeared.

I’m thinking to make dietpi-postboot print to systemd journal only (so that it’s output can be reviewed via journalctl) but not to console anymore. The pre-login banner for manual console login could be induced instead via /etc/issue, the native way to show info on an interactive local login prompt. “Press to login” is then obsolete as well since the input field appears below the banner/info.

A simple alternative would be to add “Press to continue” to dietpi-postboot output in case of autologin, or make it wait for dietpi-postboot finish only in this console autologin case since the info is obsolete/misleading otherwise, especially when there has been an autostart program configured.