probably the worst

Sorry Guys,
This has been a failure.
Your little script kiddy stuff fails dismally.
Debian is great because it works.
You have put a layer on top which doesn’t work.
I’ll have to stop wasting time with this rubbish.
20 years of Linux and you’ve hit rock bottom

Hi Colin,

No need to apologise, clearly, DietPi isn’t for you.

Although, it would be helpful if you could list the issues you are experiencing, then we could assist you, hopefully preventing the need for a caveman’s outburst of school book insults.

script kiddy

Lol, interesting.


This left me seething. Dietpi has been a godsend for me (and I’m sure countless others). If you have 20 years of experience, why not put that experience to good use and help those of us who are not sure what we are doing?

Dan (and others) give their time and experience in helping those who are not so knowledgeable, freely and willingly. I for one would like to send a huge thank you to them. If anyone else wishes to add their thanks, please reply. Let’s see how many we can rack up!!

Know the feeling :wink: Thanks for your kind words.

I’ll lock this topic, nothing further to be gained from it.