Prevent reboot after installing new software

Hey there~

Is it possible to disable the reboot from dietpi after installing new software from deitpi-software?

Sometimes the case occures that i want to install or fidget with some software but i’m copying files to or from the server’s HDD in the background and this logical placed reboot won’t ask if i’m ready :smiley:

Reboot is trigger automatically, to ensure a complete installation, regardless of software installed. Examples are ALSA installs, will require a reboot to fully initialize the soundcard.

By running automated installations (which we use for quick installs during testing), reboot is not triggered. Example of installing Roon Bridge:

root@DietPi:~# dietpi-software list | grep roon
id 121 | =0 | roon bridge: turns device into roon capable audio player | +alsa |
id 154 | =0 | roon server: roon capable audio player and core | +alsa +ffmpeg disabled for hw_arch |

#I want to install ID 121

root@DietPi:~# dietpi-software install 121