possible bug but more likely a layer 8 issue...

heyo first post, ran into an issue with v159 running on my Odroid XU4. Prior to updating I had a 2TB external USB drive that I was periodically mounting as a Samba share. Drive was formatted as NTFS and I was able to browse to the share from other computers on my network (al rest are windows 7) just fine…post the update, the other machines could see the share but not access it even with root password (and I was mounting the drive as root). Tried swapping the drive over to ext4 after doing some research and from that point forward the drive will try to init then cuts off…per dmesg it appears to generate a stackdump. Tried it formatted as NTFS again and it is doing the same thing. Drive mounts fine on Windows machines. Kind of at a loss as to how to resolve and would appreciate any help!

Are you using the diepi tool for external storage?