Portainer - How to Restore a Backup


This may seem superficial, however I am at a loss trying to restore a backup of a previous Portainer installed on DietPi.

I looked through the entire web GUI without finding a way to restore a backup - after consulting with the Portainer Docs, it states that I need to restore the backup during the initial installation - is this correct or is there a different way to restore the backup?

Thanks in advance.

Well I guess it is correct as described by application vendor https://docs.portainer.io/v/ce-2.11/admin/settings#restoring-from-a-local-file

Simply remove Portainer and install it again.

dietpi-software uninstall 185
dietpi-software install 185

This way you will have the option to restore a Portainer backup on the initial screen (don’t create a user+password)

But this will restore Portainer settings only. It has no impart on any Docker container running.

That is exactly what I was afraid of. I am new to Docker in general and didn’t realize that you needed to backup each individual container - I was simply backing up Portainer’s settings and not the containers. Shame, I lost a lot of containers due to a corrupt SD Card.

Thank you for the help.

Yes, basically you have 2 typ of data on Docker. Images and application data. Images can be easily exchanged but app data something you need to back up/save.