Plex Server Raspberry Pi 3 Alternatives

I currently have my plex server running on a raspberry pi 3 and wanted to explore other options that have better processing power for transcoding. My raspberry pi 3 does a great job but I think I can get better performance stepping up. I just don’t know which option I should choose and was hoping to get some input from anyone who has had experience with some of the supported devices for dietpi. I was checking out the ODROID-C2 which looks good spec wise and is decently priced. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.

I have the C2 - it is good but not great. It will stream and browse fine, but transcoding anything bogs it down as it doesn’t take advantage of hardware encoding.

RIght now I am looking at this as a replacement:

Buy a 2.5" drive and slap it in and you should be good to go.

SBC’s are lousy for processing in transcoding…I would recommend a small desktop PC with a much more powerful processor

My Plex is running on an old Acer desktop with a 4TB harddrive in it…but it does have a Intel Core Duo in it…and it sometimes has a hard time keeping up with transcoding…not always but occasionally…I can just imagine the hell that poor processor is going thru trying to transcode a video

I use Emby on an Odroid XU4 and transcoding below 1080 res is OK - this is without the hardware transcoding that it is capable of (but software support lags behind). When this hardware is supported in software (and this needs kernel 4.9) it will be even better. However it depends on how many video streams you are processing simultaneously - my experience is with one stream at a time only. A better solution may be one of the Intel NUC series.