Plex Server Plug-in folder

Hi guys,
I am newbie and I want to know if it is possibile to transfer plugin in Plex media server plug-in folder manually and how:

At the Moment, I have plug-in in download folder and i want to know where I can find on DietPi Plex media server plugin folder and how I can do.

Thanks and I ma sorry if the question is inopportune


It appears you can move it, or copy the plugins in them to another folder

Copy or move the plug-in bundle into the Plug-Ins folder on the computer running Plex Media Server

Might have to ensure the folder owner is appropriate after the copy/move

Thank you for your answer but i don’t need of that link. I need to know where i can find that folder in dietpi because if i try the command, it doesn’t exist.

You can find the location using the following path.

Well, late on this, but was looking for the Plug-insfolder my self for some time. Glad to have found it this way :slight_smile: