Plex - Rasplex <-> plexkodiconnect

Hi friends,

i’ve done many many installations on my Systems.

i’ve done a small guide for plex remote transcoder an dietpi.
so i tried many different installations.

so i also have found rasplex (openpht). rasplex is a plexclient - a very fast plexclient
i use a RPi3 for my daughter with libreelec Installation (beta) because maxdome (found in repo: runs on it - for this case you’ll also need
i also installed plexkodiconnect as plexclient (a Little slow - sync db - [plex <-> kodi]) if sync has finished it runs very well.

so now my request: is it possible that someone can integrate the fast function from openpht in dietpi-kodi17? this is really heavy i think - but will be very very fine.
in my mind i think something like dietpi-software kodi including rasplex. so that i also can use the fast connection from rasplex in kodi and maxdome in same System without Dualboot or something like that.

so, have a nice day