Plex Media Player

Hi guys,

I could do with some advice on a decent home media setup. I’ve previously used Plex on my RPi 4 running DietPi, but found that this SBC works poorly on my home system, especially when it is sharing resources across a torrent client, NZB, couchpotato etc.
I’ve also tried using Kodi via hdmi and while I’ve started to prefer running directly into my TV rather than remotely for performance reasons, I really don’t like the kodi interface.

Is there a compromise between the two, like running my plex media server on my rpi to manage the libraries, then booting into a plex media player (?) as with kodi? Would this result in performance issues? Or is this setup not possible? For reference, my media is stored on an ex HDD. Thanks in advance.

Hello, i use Plex media server on my Raspberry pi 4B.
It works quite well BUT only if you direct play everything (no transcoding), which means your clients (players) must be able to play your media files as they are.

Kodi is a great player and you can install the plex add-on, which gives you the wide compatibility of Kodi with the Plex interface.

My suggestion is to keep your RPi as a server and using another device with Kodi and the plex add-on (such as an android TV box) as a player.
You can also install both Plex media server and Kodi on the RPi to use it as both server and player, but i haven’t tried that out.

PS : be sure to set quality to maximum on all your players to avoid transcoding

chaning the audio transcode location improved my performace will post a youtube video about it sonn