Plex hardware transcoding on intel CPU

I want to do plex hardware transcoding on my INTEL CPU system with dietpi-software plex default install. i know in docker i have to declare device like “device=/dev/dri:/dev/dri”. but how i can activate HW transcoding by supplying card to plex system on genetic install of plex on debian/ dietpi.

i can see card from terminal window via command “cd /dev/dri” like this:-

root@DietPi:/dev/dri# ls
by-path card0 renderD128


solved, just in plex setting> transcode>> we have to tick "Use hardware acceleration when available " then system start using card for transcoding. nothing need to to in dietpi or in operating system.

Many thanks for sharing. I wonder why this is not the default, like “Use hardware acceleration when available” :thinking:.