Please update radarr and qBittorrent

radarr is now quite a few versions behind.
And qBittorrent is even worse.
Please update them to new versions.

QBit is installed from global Debian package source. We don’t maintain the version ourselves. What version did you expect and what have you installed?

Same for radarr. If you can share what version you would expect.

Thank you for responding.

current version: from Aug 14 2023
bigger releases in between: (Oct 8 2023), 10 2023), (Dec 24 2023)
expected (that is newest bigger release): (Feb 18 2024)

installed version:

  • April 25th 2020 - qBittorrent v4.2.5 release

expected (latest) release

For QBit, the version depends on Debian version. Looks like you are on Debian Bullseye still Debian -- Package Search Results -- Qbittorrent-nox

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oh shiiiit!
It seems I have to upgrade to Bookworm!

Yes at least for QBit.

Radarr I did not checked fully as I’m out.

Regarding the upgrade, we have a blog post and upgrade script.

just did it and the results are the following installed versions:

  • radarr (Feb 18 2024) - very last major release!
  • qBittorrent v4.5.2 Web UI (64-bit) - sufficiently good update, just a year old compared to previous 4 years

Thank you VERY much!

A bit late, but… Sonarr, Radarr and generally ALL the *arr softwares can be updated by just going to their respective system status pages in the browser UI and applying the latest update.
You don’t have to rely on DietPi to update those for you, and (usually) they will update just fine.

radarr would have a message in the Update section that would say you have to update through the system.
It does not have that anymore on my computer.