Please Add OPENHAB to optimized softwares

In the category of Home Automation softwares, just one very popular software seems to be left out. There is a large community of OH, who would love to adopt DIETPI instead of any other OS because of its obvious advantages over other OSs. Please add OH to DIETPI optimised softwares soon. BTW I just love DIETPI


Hi !
There are already 64 votes for OH on the voting page so many people in the OH community are already a fan of DIETPI. And I am pretty sure that after OH is added to the optimized softwares list, DIETPI would become very popular in the whole OH community. So please consider this request. :smiley:
Thanks and regards

probably some more votes needed from OH community :wink:

Yup. But its kind of hard to make everyone in the community aware of DIETPI’s advantages over anything else until OH is added to optimized softwares because there are a lot of other ways to do it, right, like a bunch of other OS and also OH’s own Openhabian. But those who have tried dietpi even just once know for sure how great this piece of software is compared to all others. And given the fact that OH is as much popular as HA if not more, I think OH well deserves to be added to the optimized softs.

Well DietPi is developed and maintained by a single person. Therefore it could take time for some software title to get on board. :wink:

True. :smiley:

A single person + awesome team and community members I have to say. Yes coding is done mostly by me currently, so any contribution is highly appreciated, especially when it comes to new software titles, as for me it has priority to keep the implementations up-to-date that we already support. That is already quite much work, as 3rd party software, Debian and Linux gets updates :wink:.

If someone is a bid used to bash coding, here is a HowTo for implementing new software titles to DietPi: