pivpn + pihole + NFS + webserver for jekyll = possible?

Is it possible to have pivpn + pihole + NFS + static webserver run at the same time on my rpi3? I wanna use nextcloud or samba for nfs (or anything else) and any webserver that will work, but I think pihole forces lighttpd right?

Any help/ideas? is this setup even possible?

You can change the default httpd to apache2 or nginx not just lighttpd under dietpi-software, just tab down to webserver preference and change to a webserver you are comfortable with, then go to the install and it will install and update the autoboot scripting and stuff

My Nextcloud server runs apache2 and has a 1TB drive mounted externally (and after many headbanging on my desk trials has it’s own external power source) and runs like a champ (did have to create a crontab entry that “touches” the drive ever 30 min or the firmware in the drive would go to sleep and lock up the server)…in fact to get a bit more pep out of it, just modified the /etc/apache2/apache2.conf and changed the MaxKeepAliveRequests to 0 instead of 20.,.and even under full load (with a decent size heatsink) it only heats up a little bit, but the response is alot better