Pip3 - output very slow

Hello Everybody,

I’m encountering a strange issue, on a freshly setup DietPi. Running Headless, via OpenSSH. SSH Client is Putty.

  • DietPi version 8.15
  • Distro bullseye 1
  • Linux DietPi 6.1.19+ #1637 Tue Mar 14 11:01:56 GMT 2023 armv6l GNU/Linux
  • RPi Zero W (armv6l)

I don’t have too much installed yet. Python3.9 and Pip and the latter is causing me some worries.
Any pip command takes a very long time to come back. Screenshot shows that “pip --version” took 26 seconds to come back, but “strace -c” seems to show that the total runtime of the command was 0.05 seconds. While “pip --version” is running the CPU reaches 100% on htop.

Any idea why this might be? I don’t think this is normal, not even on a less powerful device as the Pi Zero.

Thank You

Single core…it’s slow…I just wish the daggum price was lower…otherwise I would have a bucketload of RPi02W’s…the quad core REALLY makes it much more snappy