pineuser user here- want to get mate or xcfe


i have a pinebook 1080 p

I am trying to change lxde to mate but when i restart the laptop it asks for the login in a terminal type of interface and i cannot launch to the UI .

I am relatively new to linux but i was hoping to change the interface to something similar to this:

basically its easier to me to pull downloads off the download center and then select wifi connections etc…
Instead i need to manually set and scan the wifi connection among other things.

The default image the pinebook installer picks up seems to register a UK keyboard layout which i have a bit of problems changing to USA.

Maybe this will help
go down to Install Xfce in an already installed system

Not sure if compatible with dietpi startup scripts…might need to ask a DEV

Did you try dietpi-software to achieve that?

  1. Uninstall LXDE desktop
  2. Install desired desktop
  3. Use dietpi-autostart to choose between auto login and graphical login mask to deskop.

But hmm, just remembered:
If the above does not work, we will investigate.

Hmm if you did the above, and you want a graphical desktop login mask (no auto login) could you try: systemctl enable lightdm and then reboot?
Not 100% sure, but can’t find where we enable this in code. Desktop auto login however should work fine.