Pinebook 14in not booting

Using the Pine64 installer to flash DietPi 6.18 to a micro SD Card I have used to boot Armbian Legacy previously my PineBook just displays the power LED and a black screen.

Armbian 5.56 Legacy Kernel (3.10) is installed on the eMMC and boots properly. It also boots properly from the SD Card.

Armbian 5.56 Dev Kernel (4.19) won’t boot either, if that helps.

I think the problem might be the 1366x768 display since none of the distributions using kernel 4.19 started with a display of any sort. I put in a 1920x1080 I had for another project and the Manjaro-ARM SD I had handy finally started properly. I’ll retry DietPi with that display instead and see if it makes the difference.

Yup that did it. For some reason it didn’t like the 1366x768 LCD that came stock. With a 1920x1080 one installed I saw the boot text and it went into the desktop as expected.

Thanks for reporting issue and solution. Might help others that run into the same issue.

I am currently not sure about where to apply kernel command line arguments on Pinebook (Pine64 SBCs in general), but perhaps there is a way to adjust the boot console resolution to one that is supported by the LCD? If this is even the issue, but in general displays should work with generic drivers, so if it works on another machine/OS, then it should work on Pinebook as well. So reason should be within the video settings that Pinebook starts with.