pine64 upgrading to r136

Hi fourdee,

I just shoved in my DietPi microSD again, and it wanted to update from r133 to r136, so I let it go for it. It was plugged in via ethernet, and I don’t have the ethernet GbE gremlin on my board / network. It seems to have upgraded from r133 to r135, and was frozen (animation had stopped) on the following when trying to upgrade to r136…

 Mode: Optimize and configure software
 Please wait...

 [Info] Applying DietPi optimizations and configurations for Pine A64+ 1GB (aarch64)
 [Info] Please wait...

 #               processing | D I E T  P I             #

I ended up closing the SSH session as it wasn’t responding, rebooted the pine64, and ran dietpi-update but that didn’t make any difference - although I was able to Ctrl-C kill the update process this time. I don’t think I did anything special to the system to screw anything up… is there any log files or anything I can look at / upload so we can work out if it is a new bug or something I screwed up on the system? Otherwise I’ll just wipe the system and start afresh with r136.