Pimox LXC Container Loxberry

Would it be possible to run the loxberry in a lxc container for pimox (arm)?

what is the relation with DietPi on this question?

This is pretty cool!

LoxBerry is an open source project for the Raspberry Pi and the Loxone Smart Home System. LoxBerry is a toolbox that expands a Loxone Smarthome with many smart features that the Loxone Miniserver does not offer. For example: Free weather server with Wunderground® weather data, voice output, switching WLAN and radio-controlled sockets, own mail server, Google/CalDav calendar connection, Miniserver Backup, etc. etc.

The LoxBerry is primarily developed for the Raspberry Pi platform (which probably explains the naming), but some developers also port it to other hardware platforms.

The aim of the LoxBerry is to make the extensions mentioned available under a graphical interface, so that neither Linux, programming nor command line knowledge is required for installation or configuration.

It seems someone can build them…I don’t know how…but would be cool to see if it could be built
GitHub - pimox/mirror_lxc

Or see if there is a docker container for Loxberry out there
GitHub - michaelmiklis/loxberry-plugin-docker: Loxberry Plugin for Docker and portainer.io