PiKrellcam Install

Hi, I have been trying to get this to work for a while, if i install git and remove Apache built in server and remove the first 8 lines or so of the install script after the git pull but before installation it installs no problem, bur the stop-start / reboot - halt function on the PiKrellcam webpage does not work

I run 8 Pi Zero, currently running jessie lite and would like DietPi/Pikrellcam installed on all

I have made a request for it to be added, if you can kindly take a look at it


Seems like you removed the check if the installer runs as root but not the checking script in the programm itself. Located in “sys_command.php”.

I don’t know enough to tell you what you should write instead of the command on line 12, i’m sorry :thinking: