Pihole updated

I installed Pihole today - just in time to score the new version.
Details here


anything special on your post? Do you have issues running PiHole5? Or was it an information only?

No, just information about the update

Hey, that is very good i was wondering if the new version was already available to be installed, have you found any issues after almost a month of having it installed?

Let us know


I did not found an issues so far. Is working fine on my RPi4B. There is nothing special on DietPi. It’s the official PiHole directly from the PiHole guys. :sunglasses:

Nice to read. My Pi3B was in a box for some months and I reinstalled it last week with DietPi and PiHole. So obvsiously it is the new version.
It is working very well and I decided to buy another PI (RPi 4 4GB actually) to set it as a media server as well.