PiHole question

Sorry to bother you again with this after all this time but I finally had the time to install Pi-Hole.

It’s running fine with Unbound, I followed the tutorial from Dietpi.

Now, What should I do to make this work? My router still manages DHCP.

Deepening on your router, you can set PiHole as upstream DNS server or adjust DHCP settings on your router to distribute PiHole DNS information.

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I dont understand well but this is what i have

Sorry i dont have any experience with this topic

Looks like your router is using Pihole as upstream DNS server. Means you should see DNS queries within Pihole already.

Sorry but I don’t really know what I’m doing. So, right now what should I do to get Nextcloud working with a ddns.domain.com as per Can't access nextcloud from LAN - #24 by chipotledonut

you need to add your DNS record into PiHole Local DNS > DNS record (assuming all your clients use PiHole as upstream DNS)

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This guys is a lifesaver…him, hardware haven, Novaspirit Tech, and TechnoTim are goto’s for all sort of cool setups and howto’s