Pihole installation works only after 2 installs


you need to install Pihole, reboot, uninstall Pihole, reboot, install Pihole to get it to work.


Thanks for the report.

We were unable to replicate this on RPi 3/x86_64.

Can you confirm which device you are using, and, if any other software is installed on the system?

Yes correct, depending on device you used. This happen form time to time after putting a fresh image on sd card, since DietPi use the default PiHole install methode (install.sh) and not DietPi own PiHole repository any more.
Installation breaks in the middle, without a message and you are back on cmd line. If this happen, you will notice, there is no pihole web password notification at the end of installaton process.
But no big deal, second installation works.

For me, NanoPi Neo, OrangePi One, Odroid C1 (sometimes).

Yes I see this as well. A fresh image, no webserver installed. OrangePi Zero

On first install, I didn’t see a message asking if I want to install the web interface so it is breaking about there.

2nd install seems to be fine.

NanoPi Neo

If its not using your repo: Is there no difference between diet-pi autoinstall and “curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash”? No optimizations needed/possible?