Pihole-dashboard installation problem under dietpi with pi-hole and unbound


I would like to use an e-paper display to display relevant pi-hole data from my RPi Zero WH.

I found instructions for this on Github.
As mentioned, the OS I use is DietPi.
It has pi-hole and unbound installed and working.

I followed the instructions on github, I can run a demo and it works.

Unfortunately the installation of pihole-dashboard does not work. Various error messages are generated.
If an installation on Pi OS Lite works, I think the problem has to do with DietPi and Python. Unfortunately, I don’t have the knowledge to solve the problem myself. That’s why I’m asking here in the forum.

In order not to inflate the whole thing unnecessarily, I would like to refer to my question on github.
If the complete text is needed here for a better understanding, I will copy and paste it here.

Best regards, Carsten


I’m going to answer on GitHub. Let’s keep everything on one place.

Then I would like to thank you in advance!