pi4b4gb time drifts large amounts per hour but not on pi3b

I have a pi4b4gb.

Time is drifting as much as 10 min per hour when it is on and unplugged form the network. I switched to chrony to try to resolve it, but I have to force a chronyc -a makestep every 10 min to keep it close to the real time. When the network is not online and the pi is still running time drifts in a major way.

If I take the sd card out of the pi4 and put it in a pi3b time doesn’t seem to drift. I have it running for the night to see if in the am it’s significantly different time.

I have tested this on multiple pi4’s and have the same problem on everyone.

Anyone have any ideas on why or how to fix it?


Is “connect it to the network and let ntp handle it” out of the question?


I did a test on my RPi4B 8GB aarch64. The system was running for 10 hours over night without Ethernet connected and it stayed fully in sync. It even did not deviate by a second. :thinking:

But it was an empty system, without any application running on top

Are you able to perform a similar test using Raspberry OS?
Do you have any applications running on your system causing heavy load?
Are you running 32 or 64bit?

So today. I check back on the pi3. after about 20 hrs its still keeping time. no network. pi4 same sd card. looses time like crazy. not running any applications on it at all. so there is no load.

Its just the craziest thing. I’m going to download a new version of dietpi and try a fresh install.

I also have ubuntu 20.x. and that one is keeping time on a pi4 and a raspian that is keeping time.

Also, I have some diet pis that do keep time. they are ones I have had setup a few months back and didn’t apply any updates to them. Maybe something in updating from messed them up.

It’s weird it works fine on a pi3 when i put the pi4 card in one.

Running Raspberry OS, did you update all apt packages or just used the RPI OS as flashed? Because on DietPi we will update all packages on first boot.

On the other hand it sounds like this https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/issues/4455

If I understood right, it has something to do with CPU frequency :thinking:

Yes, did you lower you idle/min CPU frequency below 600 MHz?