Pi3 Audio: DIY ES9028Q2M I2S Decoder Boards..

hi there, :smiley:
just received a ES9028Q2M ES9028 I2S Input DAC Decoder Board Support IIS-32bit 384K / DSD64 128 256 512, directly from china (see picture 1),
(just for completion here…)

tried the “i-sabre-k2m” dtoverlay->works (here) NOT !! (in opposite to the Audiophonics es9028q2m apparently)
had to use the “normal” hifiberry-dac dtoverlay->works !! (as the “older” es9023) (and up to 384khz !!)
in Picoreplayer (sorry, but for the google-user) you have to change from “simple/generic es9023” (es9018k2m) to “ES9023” (without anything)->up to 384khz;
(also had problems playing in 16bit->distorted noise; so try to use 24 oder 32 bit in “ALSA-Params”)
RPI-Dac was also possible in picoreplayer (but only up to 192khz)
so, i hadn´t tried “RPI-DAC” in dietpi->to come…
other player/configurations to come…
Conclusion: again a step forward/finer audio resolution…(129 !! DB DNR)
many greets :wink:

Good day, dear sfb2, please kindly clarify, what config you use to make this board working.
I have similar board
but it doesnt work.

good day, now it work, i started it on Moode as hifiberry-dac
I have same problem with 16bit FLAC files (will check for other formats little bit later)
Could you advise what resampling rate is better to use ( for example i can choose 24bit/44kHz, …, 24bit/384kHz, 32bit/44kHz … 32bit/384khz)